Tina Louise Larson
Freelance Copy Editor and
Historical Author


The Widow's Offer

1870s Kansas

An introverted/shy widow desperate to save her farm enters a marriage of convenience with a wanted man in a bid to outwit the outlaws who murdered her husband.

The Earl's Lady 

In Regency London, a shy Earl falls in love with a lady of pleasure he once knew as a genteelly-bred lady.  He doesn't realize his butler turned her away in her time of need, her father disowned her, and now he needs money or another of his daughters will be up for grabs.  The Earl must fight the blackmailers and her father, keep his lady alive, and talk her, a fallen woman, into marriage.

Angel's Promise 


While traveling from Lakota Territory to her fiance in Boston, an amnesia victim falls for a man who would love to forget his murderous past.

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